Although Kirby vacuums have changed in design over the life of the company, the models can look very similar. Fortunately the Kirby model number is always in the same place since the introduction of the Generation series. 

You may need your model number to help you to obtain the correct model specific spares, such as headlights or brush rolls. There are some parts which are interchangeable between models so don’t worry if your supplier doesn’t ask for your model. Bags, belts and even fan assemblies are one size fits all.

Instructions to identify model:

  1. Locate the front of your Kirby vacuum’s handle. If the handle is missing or the plastic has broken off, locate the front of the vacuum-bag holder.
  2. Find the Kirby logo on either the handle or bag holder. The logo is always on the front of the vacuum.
  3. Read the model name located either underneath or above the Kirby logo.

Instructions to identify serial number:

The 10 digit serial number on Generation series Kirby cleaners (G3, G4, G5, G6, Ultimate G, Diamond Edition and Sentria) is engraved into the aluminum on the side of the Kirby, right above where the cloth bag attaches to the machine, and contains the EXACT manufacture date of the machine.

FOR EXAMPLE…. in the serial number 212056214, the machine was manufactured in Andrews TX in May of 2012 and was the 6214th Kirby manufactured in Andrews in that particular month

The first number in the serial number will be a 1 or a 2 and pertains to the factory that manufactured it. A one is for Cleveland OH and a 2 is for Andrews TX. The second and third number is the year of manufacture. The fourth and fifth numbers are the month of manufacture. The rest of the serial number tell you what number in production for that month and year.