How To Shampoo With A Kirby G-Series

You Will Need:

  • A Kirby Upright Cleaner
  • A Kirby Carpet Shampoo System
  • Kirby Carpet Shampoo


  1. Fill the tank of your Kirby carpet cleaning system with water up to either the first, second or third line. Each line indicates the number of standard-sized rooms you plan to clean.
  2. Add carpet shampoo. Any regular, non-concentrated carpet shampoo will work, but keep in mind that not using the Kirby brand shampoo designed for your system could void your warranty. If you filled the tank to the first line, add one cap full of cleaner. The second line gets two caps and the third line gets three.
  3. Hook the tank to the side of the Kirby carpet cleaning system once it’s full. Connect the hose from the front of the carpet cleaner to the front of the tank.
  4. Press the level on the side of the carpet cleaner with your foot to lower the front tray to the ground.
  5. Turn the valve on top of the tank about halfway to release the cleaning solution, and set the tech drive to “Drive” to turn the carpet cleaning system on. The tray in the front will start to fill with foam.
  6. Pull the Kirby carpet cleaning system backward to apply the foam to the carpet over an area that is about 4 by 10 feet in size.
  7. Turn the valve on top of the tank to “Off” when you’re done applying the foam. Wait approximately three minutes for the foam to settle before removing it.
  8. Place the carpet cleaning system in front of the line of foam and again pull it backward. This time, the system will remove the foam, along with dirt and debris, from your carpet.
  9. Continue applying foam and removing it until you clean the entire floor.